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Our classes are about helping to improve the financial literacy of adults 50 and over who are concerned about their retirement savings. We do this in a classroom setting to help give retirees tools they need to make smart decisions about their financial future.

 We have 3 classes that are offered:

 1.  Maximizing Social Security

 2. Principles of Retirement Income Planning

 3. Minimize Taxes with IRAs & Avoiding 401k Rollover Mistakes

Our classes address the following concepts:

● How do I navigate market downturns?

● Options that are not subject to market risk?

● How volatility could affect your retirement?

● How lower interest rates may impact your income?

● Understanding IRAs and Roth concepts

● How to Maximize All Retirement Income?

● The SECURE Act and how it may affect me?

● How to Maximize Social Security

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